Welcome Lazy Sunday!

I totally understand this blog. I actually often find myself doing the same things. I was in fact diagnosed about 7 years ago. However I find myself attempting to keep myself busy a lot. I started a few blogs a few years to write and keep my mind content to insure that I will keep myself busy. I am getting ready to started earning my first degree.


Lazy Sunday 2WOW, it is Sunday and I am not dreading Monday! On Sunday I am normally preparing my mind for another long work week but, today I do not have to prepare for anything! I do not have to worry about grocery shopping or getting laundry done by a certain time. Oh how I love a three-day weekend!! My goal for today is to do as little as possible. 

Even though I am planning to do as little as possible today, I still want to do just a few things but, they are things I enjoy doing not things I have to do. It is a beautiful day so I would really love to go to the restaurant I have been talking about. It would be a lovely Lazy Sundayday to either have lunch or dinner outside. I also want to read more of the book I started, James Patterson, Invisible. I…

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