My days definitely be weird. I never in a million years thought that life would turn out like this. Everything that I’ve always wanted is right to see to here, right in front of me. Well, not everything literally but literally it is well I thought that it was. The devil always sends people, distractions to keep you from reaching your destination. Always, always, always. He knows how to keep you from reaching your greatness. He dangles just what he feel you what you need in your life so that your goal isn’t reached; but it is up to apply yourself and keep moving. Do what you need to reach your own greatness.



This Life is Mine

This is a whole new year, I gotta keep it fuckin movin. This life is mine and mine alone. Doesn’t matter how easy it is for anybody else. I gotta make it livable for me. Sitting here thinking. I am not looking for anybody or anything. All of the thoughts that cross my mind often have me thinkin. Gotta make myself happy no matter what. Feeling like people think that they know what is best for me but they don’t know exactly what I want. I just want to be happy. And live a productive life. So now I life is not what I expected it to be and I am annoyed. What else can I do now? You aee stripping everything from me and you’re expecting me to live life happily. I have staeted back seeing the therapist Jeff again just to get a handle on my life, once again. Life has definitely handed me a few sour grapes but I have to just get everything in control. I am annoyed a lot by the going ons of certain ppl however I will not let that discourage me. You will not defeat me, this is my life and you can’t have mine.