Your smile it amazes me, it makes me smile too,You may think I I’m crazy for feeling this way but what can I do?You smile, I smile, we smile together. You push, I pull, we climax together.You push, I pull, we climax together.The intimacy between us is all I’d ever need.Can you spend the night? Just say yes it will be alright. We can be all each other needed for right now. Whatever you don’t know I can teach you. Maybe you can teach me, maybe you’ll be all I ever need, For the night, nah maybe for a lifetime. I just want to make you mine.



I write to get this pain out of my heart. I love too hard and I get hurt too fast. I am a trusting person perhaps too trusting and too often. I have been way too quiet for way too long. Sometimes I sit and think what if my life was perfect? What if I never had any troubles? What if I always had a positive motivating person who helped me excel in all I did? What if I never experience any of the horrific trying time that I experienced? Would I be able to smile through all of my tough times? Crying would be so easy and so would giving up. I smile because I know that it is not the end. I can continue to live my life the way that I want to live and continue to just be me. Writing releases the pain that I have within. It is so easy to give up and not do anything. But then I would not be true to myself and would be so unhappy.Image