I just don’t get itI had

Today I just felt like the joke was on me. I found myself talking to God, almost in tears trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Late picking up my kids again, after waiting on the bus for at least 30 mins to only go the wrong way and get off to pick up my kids from school. I was angry, trying to figure out why the bad things always happen to me. I had to get out of that mindset. But I was rushing too fast, so of course I was going to run into trouble.


A helping hand!!!!!

I'm Just Saying

A Helping Hand


There are a few things spinning in my head this past week. I am still on my mission to expose bullshit when I see it. Today’s message is for all of those that need a helping hand. Before you stop reading this and holla at me on Twitter (@YoungMClayton-shameless plug) to tell me that I’m buggin, let me explain further.


She ain’t got no money in the bank”…. an epic line from Swizz Beats. Bet you didn’t even realize the wisdom in those words.


See, I am working Joe. A single dude out here in the world, I chill from time to time in the clubs. I see something I like – I do my thing. I might buy a woman a drink; I might buy her two drinks. We might exchange phone numbers. Baby girl looks fly, rocking the latest so am…

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