Up in some else dreams I guess

ere I am again at an ungodly hour. I am almost up every night at this time. I heard that if you are awake at this time you are either up in someone elses dreams or you are meant to be up doin something. So I am choosing to write for a few. My leg hurts so I will be taking a pill then off to sleep soon. I have church today.


I don’t understand why some people have hate in their heart for people who have never done anything to them. I can be the first person to admit that I am not perfect by I don’t intentionally try to do anything wrong to people. Why people have so much hatred in their hearts for people? I don’t even think they have hatred, I believe it is envy. It is them either wanting to be the person or the person that they want to be with. And they have no other way to express how they feel. But why they to belittle someone else for the way they feel. If they don’t want to be with you then you have to accept that and move on. Imagine if there was someone that stopped at nothing to be with you. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and they stopped at nothing to be with you. It would seem lie a desperate situation in your eyes but they wouldn’t stop pursuing you. That wouldn’t feel good at all, would it. TaDa!! There you go.

Tired and hurting

Today was a day like many others, I get so busy during my day that I forget to take my medication. So by the end of the day my body is in so much pain. I have been extra busy today being a parent and handling business. Something caught my eye, it caught my attention and made my feel a certain kind of way about certain kind of people and now I have issues trusting them now. Since I have to deal with this individual I have to keep it short and sweet. No more pretty smiles for him just gotta keep it on a profession level from now on. I can only trust God.

Can you hold my hand?

Can you, can we just maybe be together? And lay we could just be peaceful just we. Lay in the moment, stay in the moment. Look in my eyes and see what I see. I am a prize I wanna be won by you. No one else will do. Can I be yours and stay in your arms and position myself to be your catch? I wanna be the prey to catch and keep you, I wanna seek you in the best way. So that you and I can stay in love together forever and become connected by our souls, bodies and minds. Do you understand my feelings, do you understand dreams, do you think we can make our dreams come true? just me and you. Can you keep a smile on my face and I’ll keep a smile on yours. Can you entertain my thoughts and keep me interested in the possibility of beautiful visions of a dream shared by the two of us?

Something new

So this will be a new era for me. I will write about music here. Give my opinion on all things that is about music. This is a new year for me to try new things, to better my life, to bring more meaning, more understanding, more clarity to my life. I am diving in to the unknown but I will not be afraid, my Lord will take care of me, I am not afraid. I have to be unbiased when I give me opinion and I have to be honest. I am ready to do this. Music definitely matters so much to me, it has been in the forefront of my life since I was younger. Whether it is a song, a beat or even a few lyrics. Music has always been able to give me what I needed to put a smile on my face when I needed it, to make me cry, to touch my heart whenever I needed it, music has always been there for me. I always wanted to become a singer and a rapper since I was a kid.I remember writing my first rap lyrics before I was a teenager but those dreams were put to the side early when I didn’t have the proper encouragement. So now that I have my own family I try my best to encourage them to be what ever their hearts desire.I feel that it is hard for me to want to become the person that I wanted to be when I was younger. I can still become what I want to be but not so much a singer or rapper because I am so past the age. I can simply write. A poet is something that can work for me. I can see how this will work.