Memorial Day Shenanigans

Today is May 28, right? And I made the decision to go to my brother’s house to attend the dinner that was being made for everybody. It was ar least 93° outside. The heat was definitely draining. I made up my mind to go visit my siblings and eat dinner. Just to be able to visit with my younger siblings. That would have made me happy today.

Well my body let me know that I was doing way too much. I got off of the bus, crossed the street to take the 7 mile bus getting closer to my brothers place. After I crossed the street, the usual thing happened. I tripped over the air. And landed on my knee. Scared my knee as usual. Then came the pain and the blood. The hurt began. I winced slightly as I looked down at my knee and saw the blood form on my knee.

The pain frustrated me and at the fact I always get mad at the falls. Tripping of my feet and tripping over the air gets on my last nerves. I get so annoyed at this disability for this. However; I am passed the point of crying now. The pain hurts when happens but I can’t let this disability stop my life. So now regardless of the pain and the blood I have to keep living life. I can’t let “one monkey stop my show” regardles of how much pain it is. I learned how to pick myself up and continue on.

Gotta keep the show going. Been falling and tripping over my feet for over 20 years. My knees are completely scared and messed up but; oh well. This isn’t my first time or last time with the falls or the trips. This is one of the worse parts of this disability to have to endure.

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