Lemme tell you

My story has yet to be told, it ain’t easy telling a story such as mine. But in order to take in, to ingest all that need to be said at first at least all that I have to live the life that I am destined to live. Am I sad a lot? Not really, just some saddened days when I feel that life is getting the better of me. Why is my life going in this direction?


My f**ks ups are my f**ks ups right?

Here I sit thinkn how, thinkn why thinkn what the f**k am I go to do now? My mentality keeps me grounded as I question my own judgement for my accomplishments going on in my life. I definitely keep myself grounded as if I am afraid to fly as I should. I have always accused others of grounding me but in all actuality, it has always been me who was afraid to see myself fly. My life has not been a perfect one and I have always admired others for stepping out of their boxes in search of a higher place, a higher plateau never being afraid of reaching their next level to accomplish greatness. Have always watched others but still is afraid of doing more to get on to the next level of my own dopeness. What am I afraid of? Apparently I am afraid of being great. Afraid of being a dope ass person.But why? I have no reasoning nor answer for that. Why am I or shld I be afraid of spreading my own wings to fly. My own greatness is my gift ti the world. I am a talented muhf**ka. So now I have to get out of my own way and being to flap my wings and soar as high as I can. Soar fly with a smile on my face and keep it moving. #Peace💖

#Greatness #Dope #Love #FlyLikeAnEagle 



I used to get upset at the thing that you did. Nowadays it just seems as if it is everyday life. Nothing you do surprises me. But why? Why do you hate me? Why do you want to see me fail? On top of everything I always wanted a mother that I could admire. I wanted a mother that would be oroud of me. I wanted so badly to lean on you and get your support. The harshest words I could muster was the fact that I don’t like you. Bc you are my mom, I would nvr want to be disrespectful to you. I want you to love me. To treat me as if I am your own child bc I am. I had to ask if you even wanted me when you had me? Your numerous calls to CPS and even APS showed the people that I was struggling. People wonder why would my own parent treat me so bad. You get people involved for them to only see that I struggle with no help. Do any of them feel bad for me? All they see is my struggles and wonder why there isn’t more help for me. You continue to call on me with false allegations. How is that helping your life? Your existance in your own life. You’re actually showing people how crazy you really are. You would rather watch my demise rather see my triumphs. I love me, and there are noways around that. Daily I am prouder of myself bc I can show you how much I don’t need you. My struggles aren’t in vain. Daily I live a life that I can be proud of me; not worrying abt others. Life is always worth living.