Life is Life is Life

You can always expect some kind of twist and turns that go on in life, that can just be expected. Nothing in life goes exactly how you want or expect for them to go, no matter how much you plan it. All you can do is hope for the best.


Party, Party, Party

For my Sis Joi Bday she gave a party. We went to Walmart and as we were walking in, she was leaving. Anthony asked, isn’t that Auntie Joi? And as I looked, she was getting ready to walk out. Her birthday was a few days ago, August 11 and she decided to give herself a party in honor of her birthday. She was shopping for it. I was travelling with my son. Beth picked us us with William and Jacob. We went to WalMart for the kids school supplies. Beth got the boys Trapper Keepers for school. I remember that I gotta buy the kids school supplies Wednesday. We left Tonya’s house today. I wasn’t meaning to stay the night last night but we did. I am glad that she was ok with us staying over last night. I really appreciate her for that. I like Al, and a lot of times I think that maybe I shouldn’t like him like that. I like fuckin with him but I don’t think that I really like him. But I am just enjoying life and all that comes with it..I am really enjoying Joi’s party. Even though De De tried to keep my money, honest mistake but I don’t trust any body, and that let’s me know why? Either way, I enjoy my family whenever I get the chance to hang out with them.


Got a chance to see everybody yesterday. It was my niece J’niyah’s 12th birthday. She had a barbeque/ birthday party for her so me and Anthony went. Was supposed to do Tayana’s hair yesterday but she never took her hair down. She ended up going back with Caitlyn and Rachel. I saw Rachel as I dropped Tay off yesterday. We definitely had a great time yesterday. Kia BBQ’d for J’niyah’s birthday. We saw everybody, Uncle Jazz, Lisa, Tez, Yonnie and the newest baby Amaan, who looks exactly like Jazz see, Uncle Jinx, Amber, Baby James, Nette, Lona, everybody. We us adults  bought a bottle of #Patron to drink on. Got a chance to see BeBe/Linda, Joi and Shalada.  Ant got a chance to see and hang out with his cousins yesterday. I left my tampons and my pop there. We actually left abruptly, we called the #Lyft and had forgotten all about it until one of the kids came in and said that the driver was looking for me. We rnjoyed the time that we got to spend with our family. But we had to come back and remember what all that we always have to do.It’s always a great time, seeing family.