Speech less

Today I am so speechless. I went to see my youngest daughter at work. The way my life is going I am undecided on how my life will go. Right now, I am between houses. I am currently living with 2 of my aunts who live in an apartment. My aunt told me that she would not take care of a grown person. And so with that being, said you truly have to do everything for your self. Now I am going through a period that unbeknownst to my self of how do I being again. So I lost everything that I every knew as my life. I cried some. I started out life with a guy who was not so nice to me. I thought that he was a nice guy. Yeah and it starts as it usually does with a guy who always thinks that I am pretty. I met him one day and the next day I visited him and never left. At the time I was I was homeless and had no where to go. It was weird because I was homeless. I had no where to go.


Yet another day with hearing issues

      So dealing with MS I have learned to always expect

the unexpected. Dealing with this illness there are

always unexpected issues. It has been almost a month

that I have been experiencing hearing issues. Started

off with me noticing that my hearing was kinda messed

up. Afterwards I cleaned my ears, and after that didn’t

work. I went to urgent to have them clean my ears after

which they told me that they didn’t see anything wrong

with my hearing. That was the Dr. version but; for me

to speak to another person with MS and they told me

that it happens, it will get better soon. It likes to play

with both of my ears at times. Dealing with times like

this, I just have to stay positive I life could always be

worse. Now my hearing is worse on my left side

however; MS effects my right side more. It sucks to go

through these issues but it definitely is what it is. The

neurologist told me when I went to see him to go to the

E.N.T (Ear Nose &Throat) so I will be there next we to

hear them possibly give me an explanation on why I am

having issues with my hearing.

My Day Today


Today, I went to visit an old friend. Someone that I had been known   over 13+ years. I just know that I am so glad that I can know people for a long time and we are still really good friends. I walked for about a half of a mile today. Good exercise but doing so always drains the energy out of my body. That was my exercise for the day. Also, I got a chance to use my YouTube account again so that I can begin to make videos and start to make a profit from my account. I need to speak with someone to talk about doing so. I have had more than a few decent videos so, I feel that I am already on my way to do so. I get that I need to be more consistent so I am doing so now. Being that I have another chance to do better, here I am now. I got back here tonight and I am exhausted. But here I am. I took my meds and I am tired, ready for bed. I spoke with Tay tonight. I am satisfied with it. I spoke with Ant as well. I spoke with Maijah yesterday.  I talked to my mom today too. I’m guessing that today was a pretty good day, it ended well. Gotta do it all over again tomorr


Todays Insomnia

So just when I thought that I was tired, when I felt sleepy. And I turned the tv off and just focused on my music, I ended up staying up all night again. My aunt will be just getting up for work and will be looking at me crazy bc I am still woke and they went to sleep at 10:00. Some nights are just like that. I can’t help it at times. But I will try to sleep in a few, I just wanted to start documenting each time that stayed up. And of course #MS plays a big part in this. Goodnight again. #insomnia #sleepy #multiplesclerosis #relapsingremittingmultiplesclerosis #tired

Today August 17,

Today, I had a day. It was the day for my EMG. I had to get to get a test for my nerves. Now I have not had a test for anything for quite a while. However my hearing is still up in the air. Well I am back to abt 65% of my hearing however; it isn’t back to 100% so my hearing isn’t fully back. I have been waiting. My neurologist told me to make an appointment to see an ENT Dr to make sure well, to see what was wrong with my hearing. But I had my ears were flushed in Urgent Care; who said that they didn’t see anything wrong with my ears. I figured as much, it is just the MS. Things like this happens I guess. This is life of someone with MS. Definitely weird but situations like this happens. However for how long tho? It sucks but what can you do but embrace it. Someone else, another MS patient has experienced this to me. I am ready for whatever else this brings. So here we go MS I am ready for whatever else you send way..


Right now I am tired, this #MS Life. I hv a lot going on. But that can’t stop my mission on living life. I hv got to continue to strive for excellence. Being me the best me is who I hv always continue to strive to be. Life, there is no ending on this road, just a continuance of success moves that need to be made so that I feel better abt how I plan to leave everything. Life, I can’t leave any stone unturned, any movements unmade bc always my best move is my next move. Are you ready to see for me to just show you what needs to be done. There is no waiting to do, only movements to be made.

My days definitely be weird. I never in a million years thought that life would turn out like this. Everything that I’ve always wanted is right to see to here, right in front of me. Well, not everything literally but literally it is well I thought that it was. The devil always sends people, distractions to keep you from reaching your destination. Always, always, always. He knows how to keep you from reaching your greatness. He dangles just what he feel you what you need in your life so that your goal isn’t reached; but it is up to apply yourself and keep moving. Do what you need to reach your own greatness.