Party, Party, Party

For my Sis Joi Bday she gave a party. We went to Walmart and as we were walking in, she was leaving. Anthony asked, isn’t that Auntie Joi? And as I looked, she was getting ready to walk out. Her birthday was a few days ago, August 11 and she decided to give herself a party in honor of her birthday. She was shopping for it. I was travelling with my son. Beth picked us us with William and Jacob. We went to WalMart for the kids school supplies. Beth got the boys Trapper Keepers for school. I remember that I gotta buy the kids school supplies Wednesday. We left Tonya’s house today. I wasn’t meaning to stay the night last night but we did. I am glad that she was ok with us staying over last night. I really appreciate her for that. I like Al, and a lot of times I think that maybe I shouldn’t like him like that. I like fuckin with him but I don’t think that I really like him. But I am just enjoying life and all that comes with it..I am really enjoying Joi’s party. Even though De De tried to keep my money, honest mistake but I don’t trust any body, and that let’s me know why? Either way, I enjoy my family whenever I get the chance to hang out with them.


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