Here again

Here I am again, here I go. Life always gets me in the most unpredictable situations. Why you ask? Apparently there is a lesson to be learned. But I didn’t get the memo ✍ on what it was. Over here at my besties house, tryna function and co exist. Life gets very tough at times but you can’t let life take control. Keep pushin for what you want, keep striving for what you believe in. You gotta keep moving towards what you want and how you feel. Life always tries to take over but you gotta keep the upper hand. Stay away from that small town metality. Always want more than what is shown. Keep your goals, Swallow the fear and keep going towards what you want. It is out there waiting to be grasped by you. Even if they don’t believe in your dreams, remember you do. Keep your dreams alive, in your heart. And just remember why you started.


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