Police Brutality 

I kinda saw this tweet today however; I didn’t really look at it. I saw the beginning of the footage but turned it off. I was busy at the time. I kept seeing tweets about Alton but never really looked in to it. I under no circumstances agree with policr brutality. There is never a need for it at all. I can never understand what gives police the right to take the law into their own hands to take a life that was not their own or a life that they created. To watch his life being taken, hurt my soul. There is no explanation for the reasoning of it. I dont feel that they have the right to do so. That makes me feel that my life can be taken at anytime. I have a son, a young black male who could be in that situation at anytime, hell any black person. Check out @workwthecoach’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/workwthecoach/status/750524851396325376?s=09


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