Recently there have been a few chains of events that has led to 2 black men losing their lives on camera. The police had no reason for shooting the men however the men ended uo dead. Both incidents were recorded showing both men not doing except what the officers asked of them. Honestly, the officers feared the men and that was how the men ended up dead. Did they teach them in the police academy to simply shoot first and ask questions later? I feel that they were afraid of the men so they shot without thinking of how their actions would affect others. I wonder how they feel now about shooting first then asking questions. “What is the value of a black mans life? I check the toe tag not one zero in sight.” J Cole asked the question and you can’t help but feel the same way. Are the black men that replaceable that we can afford to lose them at such an alarming rate? No however, society thinks that they are because they are dying at an alarming rate. I wonder if in the police academy are they taught to simply shoot because they are afraid of the black men having the upper hand. They didn’t think of the families of the men. Both men had children. One was actually in the car when her father was shot. She was heard screaming in the background as the police continued to shoot her father.Her mother, the mans fiancé recorded on FB live so that everybody could see what they were going thru. When will this nonsense end? And then you have a few white people who are not only sticking up for the officers and making excuses for the for why the men being dead. It is a damn shame on how black men lives are devalued. Like they dont matter. Black queens value your lives. We are here to support you no matter what. You matter to us and we love you. 💖💖 #MelaninPoppin #YoungKings


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