Can you hold my hand?

Can you, can we just maybe be together? And lay we could just be peaceful just we. Lay in the moment, stay in the moment. Look in my eyes and see what I see. I am a prize I wanna be won by you. No one else will do. Can I be yours and stay in your arms and position myself to be your catch? I wanna be the prey to catch and keep you, I wanna seek you in the best way. So that you and I can stay in love together forever and become connected by our souls, bodies and minds. Do you understand my feelings, do you understand dreams, do you think we can make our dreams come true? just me and you. Can you keep a smile on my face and I’ll keep a smile on yours. Can you entertain my thoughts and keep me interested in the possibility of beautiful visions of a dream shared by the two of us?


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